Meet the big brains and skilled hands that can be found behind every accomplishment
and victory at PNTA. No challenge is too big for these folks.

Meet The Team

PNTA stands for Pacific Northwest Theatre Associates, and since 1975 we’ve been proud to serve the greater Puget Sound region and beyond. We have deep roots in the Seattle and have worked with some of the most prominent names to come out of this city. At the same time we also are committed to working with local nonprofits, schools and charity organizations.

At PNTA we maintain the Northwest’s largest inventory specifically for event production, but it is our people that make up the core of our company and, whose tireless commitment to creating lasting experiences make us truly one of a kind. Our team’s vast technical knowledge and battle-hardened creative chops allow us to provide customized service offerings to meet the needs of any type of event and serve all manner of clients. We really mean it when we say we are the only stop necessary for event planning and production. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish we’ve likely done it before and, in the rare case we haven’t, we’re happy to go the extra mile to see your vision through to completion, taking the unique challenges head on and finding creative solutions.

Our staff are passionate about event production and take great enjoyment from delivering an experience that goes beyond our client’s expectations. We treat each event as a new opportunity to craft a powerful and memorable journey for audiences. No one takes more pleasure than us in seeing your event succeed.


Creative and Techinical Advice
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