Let us take care of all your event lighting needs. Our technical know how and creative chops allow us to create a customized package of equipment and services to illuminate nearly any type of event you can imagine. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or are looking for help choosing the right colors and effects, we’re here to help with each step of the production process – from creative planning and conception to the actual operation of equipment for your event.

“Our lighting designers work their mastery with all five qualities of light – intensity, distribution, color, direction, and movement – to create desired moods and effects.”

We provide a variety of lighting for events, such as stage lighting, architectural lighting, DJ lighting, theatrical lighting, up lighting and more. Our extensive inventory and supply network allows us to create truly custom setups involving multiple types of lighting effects and equipment. Whatever your lighting needs, our team will ensure your event shines.

If you’re looking to truly wow an audience consider adding special effects lighting and learn more about our full range of Special Effects services.

See our portfolio to view more of our past lighting design work from recent, local events.

Types of Events

Lighting is an integral part of most events. Some of the types of special events we typically utilize customized lighting for include…

Creative and Techinical Advice
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