At PNTA we are well versed in the challenges (and rewards!) that come with producing a captivating fashion show. We have a long history of providing production services to fashion shows across the Northwest.

Our team will work with you to create the proper theme and mood to accentuate the latest designs being strutted down the runway.

Creative Design

Drawing from a wealth of experience in lighting, staging, audio, video and drapery and more, we are able to make truly magical fashion shows. We take great pride in being able to help clients create a memorable experience that conveys the true emotions behind their fashion releases. Glitz, glamor, elegance – we want your show to be a memorable affair.

Technical Expertise

From sourcing locations to scaling runways we have the technical chops to execute a flawless fashion show. Our knowledgeable team of technicians and engineers allows us to keep all work inhouse, improving efficiencies and reducing the end cost for our customers.

Largest Inventory and Selection

We maintain a large supply of materials and equipment suited for fashion show production. When implementing the setup of your show, we’ll take care to deliver effects that wow audiences while still limiting overall energy consumption and working within your budget. In the rare case we don’t have what’s required, we’ll source the necessary equipment from our extensive supply network.

Customized Solutions

Seamless integration of design elements, from media effects to branding, to lighting and acoustics is no easy task. Our team will create a custom plan that incorporates the restrictions and opportunities inherent to your event. Whether it’s a unique venue location or custom runway needs, we are able to facilitate nearly any special needs or requests.

Our Process:

  1. 1. Investigate Needs
  2. 2. Explore Solutions (and Venue)
  3. 3. Plan
  1. 4. Collaborate
  2. 5. Production
  3. 6. Event

Visit our Portfolio to see recent and local fashion shows we’ve planned and produced.

Creative and Techinical Advice
for your event