Lighting Innovations Coming to You

Every year, there are several conferences where people gather to reveal new technologies and lighting innovations. One of the most notable is LuxLive, which is aimed specifically at European innovators. With the flexibility of LEDs and the increasing desire for LED technology to be used by the consumer, innovators are being pushed to seek new ways to increase efficiency while providing both cost and use sustainability.  With variable color temperatures and the decreased need for power, engineers and innovators are bringing more and more creativity to technology.  This allows lighting to be used in places and applications that have never before been possible.  Lux Magazine has given us a great review from LuxLive 2014 of ten lighting innovations that we can expect to see more of in 2015.  Our personal favorite is the LED Skylight from CoeLux.

These new innovations impact venues such as:  hospitals, retail, museums, and best of all underground locations.  We are no longer limited to a single type of light bulb, or fixture.  This is showcasing a new trend in lighting.  No longer are lights utilitarian.  Lighting is an experience, and it changes the perception of an individual.

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