Audio Demo Day

Come Join Us for PNTA’s Audio Demo Day!

Our PNTA Events Services and Customs Systems teams would like to invite you to come join us for PNTA Audio Demo Day!  We will have representatives onsite from PNTA, Yamaha, NEXO, and Sennheiser.  We will also be holding multiple live demonstrations with live music to showcase the gear as well as PNTA’s broad capabilities for event audio.

We will be featuring the new NEXO Geo M620 Compact Line-Array as well as Sennheiser K-Array pro audio speaker systems (and more!).

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Purchasing New Audio Equipment?

This is a great opportunity to gain insight on some of the newer audio gear on the market!  With all of the manufacturer representatives and sound professionals on site, it’ll be easy to learn more about new gear on the market and get hands on experience before making a final decision on your own projects.

Our Custom Systems team is knowledgeable and friendly.  Even if you’re not sure where to start, they’re always able to help you identify the best audio solution that for your needs!

Holding an Event?

Come see how PNTA can help!  We know that audio can make or break your event.  That’s why PNTA owns a wide variety of audio equipment to ensure we have the best equipment plus a multitude of tools ready and available to meet your needs. Whether performing a spectral analysis pre-event to ensure there’s no interference during your event to running algorithms to predict coverage mapping needs in a particular event space, PNTA’s Event Services professionals will put together the best system to meet your event’s requirements.

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