UW Brain Research Center

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University of Washington, SBZ Events

The University of Washington called upon PNTA to help celebrate the groundbreaking of the University’s new Brain Research Center. We worked with the architect of the new facility to help present his vision of the future research center. The goal of the event was to inspire both doctors and donors to see how the new facility would allow the UW to maintain its position as a world leader in medical research.

The centerpiece of this presentation was a video rendering of the research center presented by the architect. To accent this presentation, and the theme of brain research, we transformed an aging classroom space into a living representation of the brain, complete with custom designed ‘synapses’ that branched out from dining arrangements. The theme continued into the lighting and décor of the event, which included video projection, unique drapery, softly glowing lighting and a continuation of synaptic inspired designs along the floor that guided attendees throughout the event space.


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