Stages serve as a platform for hosting drama, action and excitement. We’ll work with you to ensure the stage design for your event serves as a perfect complement to the overall experience provided. Whether you require stage design for a small theatrical production, a major fashion release, or the release of a market altering product, our team brings brings an experienced hand in engineering and visual design to every project.

We’re more than happy to work with you through each step of the production process – from creative planning and conception to the physical setup and construction of stages at your event venue.

We provide a full range of stage design services including scenic design, stage rigging, truss design and setup and can construct a customized stage to meet your unique specifications. Our large inventory and supply network ensure we’ll have what you need to create a stage that stands out as a centerpiece of your event.

See our portfolio to view more of our past stage design and truss service work from recent, local events.

Types of Events

Stage Design is an integral part of many events. Some of the types of special events we typically provide special effects support for include…

Creative and Techinical Advice
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